Thursday, June 28, 2007

Selfish, selfish me!

I confess, I don't always knit gifts with the purest of motives. Sometimes, I just want to try out a certain pattern, one which would suit the recipient more than me. Other times, I'm dying to have a go at an untried yarn. But then there are times when my selfish interests and benevolent impulses happily collide:

This is from, in Lettuce Violet. My sister requested a poncho for her birthday in July, and chose this colorway herself. It's always a joy to make things for her -- she's a crafter herself, so she likes handmade gifts and appreciates the time that goes into them. :) You can view the pattern here, but I think you have to be registered for the Lion Brand website.

So, I'm still plugging away at the Petunia Tote, the Vine Lace Scarf, and the U-Neck Vest, and a Squatty Sidekick bag, but I'll be giving the poncho some quality time as well.

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robin said...

I'm often the same way about gifts - and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that colorway. Gorgeous! Hmm, I have some Noro in my stash in similar colors that I might have to dig out.