Saturday, June 9, 2007

Progress Report

(I'm taking the lazy expeditious way out and copying my last post to the Fitted Knits KAL.)

It's been a crazy last day or two, as I cast on for the Alexandra Ballerina Top on Wednesday night and...couldn't stop.  :P  I'm usually not one for bulky yarns, but it sure makes projects come together quickly! I've used up 3 balls of my RYC Soft Tweed so far to get to this point:

My cables seem somewhat wonky, but I'm hoping that a little blocking and tweaking later on will help that.  I was quite pleased with how my swatch reacted to a wash -- the stitches smoothed out and took on a very pretty luster.  I was glad, too, that I re-did my swatch to make it in the round -- it made a definite difference.  Looks like I'll definitely be able to finish this before the end of the month!

I've also picked up my other Fitted Knits project again, the languishing U-Neck Vest. I'd been worrying that the vest would make me look too much like a busty barmaid, but once I actually seamed the shoulders together, it didn't look that bad. I've just got to do the shoulder and neck edgings now:


Also, have you donated to Claudia's MS Ride yet? It's for a wonderful cause, and there's some gorgeous loot to be won here and here.


Angelika said...

I was afraid of looking like a barmaid too, but fortunately I don´t ;-)))

anne said...

my friend debbieKitter just finished that vest and wore it to class the other night; it's really cute!