Saturday, June 9, 2007


The preview for the Fall 2007 Knitscene is up! No, I'm not a dork who obsessively haunts certain sites for news of issue updates. *coughcough* But if I were, I would tell you that Amy Singer said to expect a new Knitty at the beginning of next week. ;)

Knitscene's designs are often just a little too funky for me (let's not even talk about Knit.1), but I can usually find a gem or two in each issue, such as the Central Park Hoodie. This time around, the stand-out patterns seem to be staple pieces for the guys, such as the Hero Pullover and the Notting Hill Vest (which I especially like). I think they're trying to live down this.

Planning to buy this issue!

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robin said...

I agree - the guys' designs are the best ones! I usually find one or two designs in each issue too, same with Knit.1, even. Their last one wasn't too bad.

Thanks for the heads up and the info on Knitty! Without PSAs like yours, I never know about the new issues, so I appreciate it.