Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Second Verse, Same as the First...

I really do like to try out new yarns and learn new knitting techniques, but you know, sometimes you just need "comfort knitting". The kind of knitting that behaves just as it's supposed to, that doesn't throw you any curve balls. Sometimes, you just need *gasp!* predictability.

Yep, I've been revisiting a few tried-and-true patterns lately, and I make no apologies. So without further ado:

I'm sure this one needs no introduction! I deviated from my usual Silky Wool for this scarf, though, and used some KnitPicks Elegance instead. I didn't think when I was knitting that it showed off the pattern very well, but as usual, BLOCKING made all the difference. Once blocked, the scarf took on an amazing and, well, extremely elegant drape. I want one for myself, now!

Two variations on the Sophie Bag, made with a single strap because I can be lazy of yarn shortage. The first is in Lamb's Pride Worsted, the second in Patons SWS Natural Geranium. The SWS is gorgeous stuff, but please note -- it felt with LIGHTNING SPEED. Seriously, check it after three or four minutes. That's all it takes.

Lastly, a variation on the Booga Bag, made with three skeins of Patons SWS in Natural Earth. Such a pretty colorway! Seriously, I love any sort of earthy, muted colors. I didn't have the pattern for this handy, so I just sort of winged it...which is why this only looks like a third cousin to the Booga Bag. Still, I think my friend will like it.

That's it for now!


chris123 said...

Hi Katinka, You recently responded to a question I left on the Fitted Knits Knitalong site--I had asked about a sweater that Stefanie Japel wore in the "about the author" section of her book. You mentioned that instructions for the sweater would be available for purchase. Please tell me where you saw this information so I can go to that site. I cruised Stefanie's blog but didn't find it. Thanks for your help!!! Chris123

Katinka said...

Hi, Chris123!

Here's the specific post:


Stefanie says in the very last comment that the sweater will be available (hopefully soon, as it's so cute!) on www.glampyreknits.com.

Rubys & Purls said...

Well I was going to leave a comment on your previous post, but blogger decided they didn't want you to accept comments on that post! LOL Anyway that is a wonderful story and I am so happy that your son is emerging from his shell and doing better.

You purses on this post are really cute! And the scarf too!

Kasia said...

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I hope that you don't mind!
Have a lovely day