Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Thoughts on Handknit Gifts, and Katinka's Knitting Queue

So, I used to cross-stitch quite a bit. And from time to time, I would spend WEEKS making a special cross-stitch, for a wedding or a birthday or some other such event. Sometimes, it would be greeted with "ooohs" and "aaahs" -- other times with a quick glance and a "hey, that's neat."

Now, I don't expect everything I make to be received with fanfare and confetti. I completely understand that for some people, handmade gifts just aren't their thing. But it's always fun to discover the people who are delighted by them, because creating a gift for them is an entirely different process. It's a joy, not a drudgery.

Why have I been thinking about this? Well, last Christmas was my first season of giving knitted gifts. One person requested "Branching Out", in a pretty periwinkle shade of Silky Wool. I came across the scarf again two months later, still in its gift bag, still sitting on her dresser (in her defense, she's probably of the "It's too nice to wear!" mindset). But then I happened to see my grandmother last week, for the first time in several months. One of the first things she said to me was, "I love the scarf you gave me for Christmas! I wore it all winter!" I had to stop and think for a second, before remembering that I'd also whipped up something for her, a simple lace pattern in Silky Wool. And she'd worn it all winter!

So, yeah, Grandma is getting cashmere for next Christmas. :)

And now on to the KNITTING QUEUE...

(I must preface this by stating that I seem to be one of those boring monogamous knitters. I just can't take the guilt if I have too many projects on the needles at the same time!)

In Current Production:

Wicked (from Zephyr Style -- I should finish this by Easter!)
Back-to-School U-Neck Vest (from Stefanie Japel's Fitted Knits - join the book's KAL!)

Waiting in the Wings:

CeCe (from ChicKnits, in Soft Gold Cotton Fleece)
Socks! (I'm going to have a go at the Jaywalker, Pomatomus, and Monkey patterns)
Saturday Market Bag (for Mother's Day, in Mauve Cotton Fleece)

Of course, that's not all the yarn I've got flung about here, but those are the projects I plan to dive into next. :)

(And so this post isn't just a jumble of links and words, here's my swatch for the U-Neck Vest!)


gerry said...

Hey this is really nice...and they'll surely make great gifts too...and well as Mothers Day is coming uo in a while i've posted a few gift ideas and resources for the same over at my blog on Mothers Day Gifts so drop by sometime and check out all that i've posted there!!!

sophanne said...

Yes, yes, yes- Socks for my favorite people at school- never mentioned again. Trashy-quick "use of the lionbrand homespun husband bought" scarf and mittens for the not so favorite principal and custodian- worn regularly.

The sweater on your first post was STUNNING! You're on my list of blogs to surf- welcome


Chandra said...

If only I could be so monogamous... maybe I'd get something finished.

And I know EXACTLY what you mean about knitted gifts. I only knit them for my husband because he actually sees the work that goes into them, and my son because he is too young to have any choice about wearing what I make for him.

Fattie said...

Found you by way of your comment on my blog. :-) My first things I knit I made for my mom and my sis. I made my sis a Lionbrand Jiffy (i know, i was a young knitter) hat and scarf. I see them ALL the time. My mom I made a HUGE poncho. 'It's too warm to really wear' she says. I see it laying on the floor of her van. She was really excited to get it though so what do you make of that? Hey, Seraphim was easy and pretty good for a grandma ;-) Good luck with the baby blog. I'll keep checking back. :-)